Google Pay 2.0 Test in Test Environment

This page can be used to test Google Pay API version 2.0 in a test environment with "Example Merchant." No payment will be processed. View source.

Price: USD $1.00


Will make the following request for a Stripe token from Google Pay:

new PaymentRequest([{
  supportedMethods: '',
  data: {
    apiVersion: 2,
    apiVersionMinor: 0,
    allowedPaymentMethods: [{
      type: 'CARD',
      parameters: {
        allowedAuthMethods: ['PAN_ONLY', 'CRYPTOGRAM_3DS'],
        allowedCardNetworks: ['AMEX', 'DISCOVER', 'INTERAC', 'JCB', 'VISA', 'MASTERCARD'],
      tokenizationSpecification: {
        type: 'PAYMENT_GATEWAY',
        parameters: {
          'gateway': 'stripe',
          // Please use your own Stripe test public key.
          'stripe:publishableKey': 'pk_test_kCuYxVPNMzbCTzBvhFD2nSGP',
          'stripe:version': '2016-07-06',
    transactionInfo: {
      countryCode: 'US',
      currencyCode: 'USD',
      totalPriceStatus: 'FINAL',
      totalPrice: '1.00',
    environment: 'TEST',
    merchantInfo: {
      merchantName: 'Example Merchant',
      merchantId: '12345678901234567890',
}], {
  total: {
    label: 'Tots',
    amount: {
      currency: 'USD',
      value: '1.00',

Based on the Google Pay tutorial.

This test page does not exercise the live payments system. To do so try using the live environment.