Secure Payment Confirmation - First-Party payment demo

This is a test website. Nothing is charged.

This demo tests the use of a 'pure' (i.e., not payment-enabled) WebAuthn credential in a first-party scenario. This will not work in a naive browser-cache implementation of SPC, but will work with availability and use of proper OS-level credential store APIs. To test the integration:

  1. In the iframe, click on 'Enroll Credential'
  2. This will open a pop-up* to
  3. Complete the credential enrollment, and the pop-up will close
  4. Outside of the iframe, click on 'Trigger third-party SPC'. This should fail, because the credential isn't enabled for third-party payment
  5. Inside of the iframe, click on 'Trigger first-party SPC'. This should succeed.

* WebAuthn issue #1656 tracks allowing us to do this without a new tab!