Secure Payment Confirmation - Clearing browser cache demo

This is a test website. Nothing is charged.

This page allows testing credential store integrations for SPC, by clearing the underlying browser cache storage and forcing reliance on the OS-level credential store. As of August 2022, this is still in development for Android only.

To test the integration:

  1. Click on 'Enroll Credential', and complete the WebAuthn prompt
  2. Copy the credential ID that is printed into the textbox, for later use
  3. Clear the local-profile database*
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Paste the credential ID from step 2 into the textbox
  6. Click 'Pay $0.01'

* Clearing local-profile database

(WARNING - may clear important information from your user profile! Use at your own risk)

On Chrome desktop:

On Chrome android: